At Home Remedies: Exfoliating

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I love exfoliating. It leaves your skin nice, smooth and supple. In order to help our skin, we must help get rid of dead skin cells that sit on top of it. It gives the skin an opportunity to breathe.

Exfoliation need not be only for your face, our bodies need a little attention as well. One of the best and most easiest way is to use items right from your kitchen. Every so often, I create a scrub which I take into the shower with me and exfoliate right before.

The scrub is made from two very simple ingredients, coconut oilΒ & sugar.

(Don’t use powdered sugar as it wont be grainy to create a scrub like consistency)

I measure both products based on how I want the consistency to be. For a light scrub, use more coconut oil, for an intense scrub, use more sugar. After the shower your body will feel hydrated as well due to the coconut oil.

Try it!

Let me know how it works for you

Keep in mind that some people are allergic to coconut oil, please do a patch test beforehand.


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  1. everydayhann says:

    coffee and brown sugar is great aswell x

    1. Kinza G Khan says:

      Yup for sure. Coffee is great and smells good too ?

  2. I’ll definitely try! Happy to connect ❀
    Do check out my writings too, will appreciate your reviews ?

  3. Very nice post! I enjoyed reading this

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