Day to Night Outfit Tips

Sometimes (a lot of the times) I am at work with plans to go out after. I always find it a challenge to think of ways to make my outfit night-time appropriate and little bit more dressy. I have come up with a few basic steps that will take your outfit up a notch.

Day Time:

  • wear neutral/black (this has worked for me because of the type of items I have in my closet, maybe colors will work better for you)
  • comfortable heels – you will be in these for a long time
  • comfortable outfit- same thing, you need to be comfortable in your outfit. Make sure you wear something you love and have worn before if that helps


Night Time:

  • a bold lip always gives the outfit a little oomph
  • switching up to a more evening appropriate clutch/purse
  • a standout item, weather its your shoes, top, jacket, in my case this flowy maroon trench
  • accessorize: I admit, I don’t do this enough myself but whenever I have it can take your basic outfit to a fashionable one just by adding a few rings and a watch

Update on my hair: I am super excited to post about my new hair. It is an ombre balayage, I actually wanted to go lighter. But, my hair was dyed black so that would be too much of a drastic color change, so I opted for this. I describe it as a brown/blonde? It looks darker in indoor lighting and lighter in sunlight (well, duh!). I love it 🙂 . I highly recommend Eda from Belle Femme at Business Bay Square, she did an amazing job.

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan

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