First time with Airbnb [in KL]

When we went to Malaysia we booked an Airbnb apartment in Kuala Lumpur. Since then I have been meaning to do a post about my thoughts and now I finally get down to it. Let me know about your experiences with Airbnb or if you haven’t used it before do you think you will?

What is Airbnb?

I know most of you know this but for those that don’t. Airbnb is a website on which you can book (rent) other people’s homes (houses/condos/cottages/chalet etc) as you would a hotel. These houses range from a private home or portion of a home or sometimes even sharing some spaces with other renters. This usually comes out to be a cheaper alternative to hotels on the other hand you get to really experience the local life and culture of a new place you’re visiting.

My Experience

My brother has used Airbnb several times and has always had a good experience. I would only opt for Airbnb in a big, metropolitan city where you have hundreds of options to choose from and usually you can get a really nice place in downtown core for a decent price. Thus, KL was the perfect place to give Airbnb a try.

We got a studio apartment for 3 nights in KL. It was in the main downtown area of the city called KLCC. We were able to walk to most places and take uber to the ones that were a bit further. It was also a lot cheaper than the hotels we were looking at and oddly enough, it is in the same building as a hotel. You are also able to use all the same amenities such as pool and gym.

The apartment was clean, felt exactly like a hotel but a little more homey. The check in and out were easy, there was a lock box that the owner told us about and how to access it. The check in and out usually depends on the owner, they could either meet you in person or send someone or sometimes there are lock boxes like in our case. In this case, I actually looked for one with such a check in and out because our flight was at an odd time and I didn’t want to bug anyone. So, this was a perfect fit.

Overall, I would highly recommend using Airbnb for a big city with lots of good, affordable options. They are nothing short of a nice hotel. I will certainly use this service again.

Two thumbs up from me 🙂

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