Haul/First impression (H&M Beauty Line & Sephora)

So, I finally got around to posting about this haul. I got stuff from Sephora Canada, Mario Badescu and H&M Beauty Line as I really wanted to try it.



  1. Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation: I remember trying the HD foundation a few years ago. At that time, I really hadn’t figured out my skincare routine so my skin didn’t cooperate with any foundation thus I didn’t like this foundation. I wanted to give this another try because everyone seems to love it. Not surprisingly, I like it as well. I don’t want to go as far as saying its HG for me yet, I haven’t used it enough times to fall in love, but I really do like it.
  2. Origins Mask: Since moving to Dubai, I need to rebuild my mask collection as I have left a lot of things in Canada. I will review it once I have used it more than twice
  3. Mario Badescu Seaweed night cream: My current night cream (Clinique Moisture Surge) is almost done so before it finished I wanted to get a new one. I heard really good things about this one so fingers crossed 🙂

H&M Beauty Line

The items I picked up:

  1. Blush: I really liked this coral color but the payoff isn’t great guessing from the swatch. It seems a little chalky.
  2. Mascara: has a normal mascara wand, hopefully this isn’t a disappointment.
  3. Eyeliner: I didn’t swatch this product until after I bought it, turns out it has silver glitter in it. I will still try to use it, the brush is very skinny and by the looks of it, will be very good for a winged liner.
  4. Eye Pencil: super creamy and buttery
  5. Nail file


I might do a review on the H&M Beauty line products to let you all know about my experience with them. They have a good range of eyeshadows, I am sad I didn’t get some, they looked promising. If you have tried this line, let me know your thoughts

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan



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