Its starting to feel like home

Its been about 5 months since I moved to Dubai. I definitely faced many ups and downs throughout that time. I missed home, ALOT. Like I mentioned in my earlier post about my move, this was the first time I moved out of my parents house. Not only did I move out, I decided to move countries (what was I thinking -_-)

Having said that, I think I have started to adjust, I might even go as far as saying, I’m started to like it here. A big part has to do with meeting the right people, making good friends and starting a job. My job has really helped me because I always have things to do, its keeping me busy.

That doesn’t mean I don’t miss home or my family, I miss them more thanΒ  I like to admit. But, I can finally start referring to DubaiΒ  as my new home instead of thinking about when I should move back.

Baby steps are the key to success as DJ Khaled would say πŸ™‚

Kinza G Khan

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