Malaysia: Cameron Highlands

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I was on a trip to Malaysia so I thought i’d share my thoughts from all the spots I visited. The first stop was Cameron Highlands, it is a developed hill station (when I say developed, I mean compared to other similar hill stations in Malaysia). Cameron Highlands comprises of several small towns and forests on a mountain.


We rented a car from Kuala Lumpur airport. I recommend you book a car online, most of the car rental companies were out of small cars, thankfully we lucked out and got the last one. The drive was about 5ish hours. It takes a long time to get up the mountain compared to the drive to the mountain itself. The winding roads take time and theres traffic to think of as well. Yes, even a top of a mountain, you cannot escape traffic :/


Cameron Highlands is a beautiful stop. We booked a half day tour with a local tour company. We stopped by the BOH tea plantation, butterfly farm, strawberry farm and the mossy forest. I would highly recommend a half day tour as you get to visit all the must-see spots. For me, it was the tea plantation and the forest. On a side note, the strawberries in Cameron are the best I have ever had in my life! so sweet and juicy.


The tea plantation had gorgeous views, the guide gave us a break down of how tea gets to your kitchens from these farms. Due to a Hindu holiday, we were not able to witness the farmers working, usually you are able to. Truly found a new respect for teas as the process is tedious and requires a ton of patience.


Mossy forest was one myΒ favorite. The forest is at the highest point of the mountain that you can travel to with a 4×4 and without having to hike a lot. The forest has moss growing on the ground and on trees (hence the name) due to the altitude and the cooler temperatures.


We stayed in Cameron Highlands for 2 nights, it was just the right amount. Being a small town there isn’t more to see, you only need 1 1/2 day to explore.

The second stop was Georgetown, Penang. Details in the next post πŸ™‚

See you there

Kinza G Khan

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