Malaysia – Langkawi (pt1)


Langkawi is not one island but a cluster of 99 off the coast of Malaysia right by Thailand. It is considered one of the best islands to relax and the top choice for honeymooners. From trekking, hiking to tanning on the white sandy beaches, it is the ultimate destination for all. Thus, our choice for the third stop on our trip.


Before I talk about my trip,  I want to tell you a fascinating story which I read priot to the trip. Around 19th century, there lived a girl in Langkawi named Mahsuri. It is said she was the most the beautiful girl on the island. Unfortunately, this brought up jealousy from all other women of the island especially her friends ( a young man from the village) wife. The friends wife started a rumor that Mahsuri was having an affair with her husband resulting in Mahsuris death penalty. At the time of her death, she cursed the island to 7 generations of bad luck. Many local people believe this was the cause of bad crops and wars after Mahsuri’s death. This is also the reason why only after the 7 generations, the island is beginning to proper again in the 20th century. Pretty interesting stuff…


For the time we spent in Langkawi, we hired a scooter to get us around the island. I highly recommend having your own transportation in any place that doesn’t have a public transportation system. Also, due to Langkawi being a small town in a Muslim country, there isn’t much nightlife. So, its difficult to find a cab at times. Having your own vehicle gives you flexibility.

We spent one day island hopping, which was amazing. The first island Lake of the Pregnant Maiden has a fresh water lake in the middle of the island, hence the name. It is really deep so its recommended you get a life jacket, which we did, the swim was so refreshing and cooling.  The only downside to island hopping was there were monkeys everywhere. If you know me, you know I am terrified of animals. But hey, I survived. We also had a chance to stop by an island (in our boats) and watch eagles. They dropped some meat near our boat to attract them and my-oh-my were they attracted. The eagles were GORGEOUS, black/white, brown/white, brown/black all sorts of colors combinations. Truly an experience.


The rest of the time was just spent chilling on the beach, hanging out at local bars and enjoying the scenic walks. I have one more main attraction from Langkawi which I will post next as this one is getting pretty long.

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan


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  1. Eva says:

    My, this looks like such a beautiful place! Heaven on earth! Have never been to Malaysia but I’m definitely going to add it to my list now. Also love your outfit!

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