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I am SO excited to share my Morphe haul with you. I bought a contour palette, 2 eyeshadow palettes and a few brushes.

Eyeshadow Palette: This palette is the 35W. I havent had a chance to use this yet, but the pigmentation of the shadows are amazing! They are so buttery,I cant wait to play with them.

(On Sale for USD $19.99 at the moment)

Contour Palette: I had a few close weddings I attended recently and this palette was amazing to travel with. Its sleek and has 6 shades so I was able to get a strong contour if I wanted or just a quick one.

(On Sale for USD $18.99 at the moment)

Summer Palette: This palette is literally the only thing I have been wearing since I got it. Its the 12 S ( I believe its their summer palette). The eyeshadows are just incredible. The colors are gorgous first of all, they are super blendable and buttery. So in love with it! Let me know if you’d like swatches of the whole palette.

(On Sale for USD $14.99 at the moment)

The quality of the brushes is really good. here is what I use each of them for.

  1. Eyeliner: this gives me control over my wing, and if you follow my on instagram you’ll know how much I love the winged liner. It has a thin tip which makes it easier to make the wing and also to get close into the inner corner.
  2. Highlight: cheekbones and the cupids bow
  3. Highlight/Blush: this brush is very versatile. I use it for highlighting as well as blush or sometimes to set my under eyes
  4. Contour: I absolutely LOVE this brush for contour. It gives me control over how strong I want my contour to be. It also fits perfectly in hollows of my cheeck and blends our any contour product very nicely
  5. Blush: I feel this brush fits perfectly for my cheeks and it blends out the product very nicely. I love this brush.
  6. Contour/Setting: I use this brush to either contour or to set/clean up right under my cheek contour

That is the end of my haul. I am overall very happy with the quality of the products and will be buying from Morphe in the future

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan


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  1. hannahvile says:

    great post, I love the look of the first morphe palette!

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