My Move to Dubai


After I got married about 1 1/2 month ago, my husband and I moved countries. I think moving countries is one of the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. Leaving my family was not easy. I have lived with them for 24 years of my life! The only reason I didn’t go down on the floor, curled up in fetal position, is that I am hoping to see them in December 🙂

Now, the question I got asked the most throughout the process was, why? Its a simple question, but there is no ‘one right answer’. We moved because we wanted a change, an experience, a chance to explore together.

Having been here for almost a week, I have mixed feelings for now. We haven’t found a place yet, so I miss home, my room, my organized things. But nonetheless, I am enjoying the hotel life 😀

Its bittersweet

I am waiting for it to be only sweet

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan

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  1. fashionbored says:

    i hope you two learn to love dubai and settle in fine xx

    1. Kinza G Khan says:

      thank you, I hope so too 🙂

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