Quick Trip to Abu Dhabi

I haven’t been living in Dubai long but this winter has definitely been much colder than the last one. It’s probably because its SO windy. During the day its beautiful, but as luck would have it, I am stuck indoors at work.

My brother loves photography, (instagram: tahak) so he really wanted to go to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi. We had very limited time because his flight was the day we decided to go. Of course, this isn’t the outfit that I wore to the mosque πŸ˜› but I thought I’d share the look.



This dress is from SheIn Β Β SheIn -Your Online Fashion Vintage dressesΒ < click the link to see their site, they have some cool pieces on sale right now.

Flats from H&M

Purse is Mango

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan

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