Review: Cocoa Room in Dubai

Who doesn’t love Instagram worthy visually appealing food!


Cocoa Room is a breakfast place in Galleria Mall. It is actually Slider Station at night and Cocoa Room in the morning. The interior and the vibe is so amazing, you feel like you just stepped on to a set from a movie with great background music and everything.


I went to Cocoa Room the day after I landed in Dubai as I was awake since 2 am (thankfully jetlag!). It opens at 8 am and we were there at 8:09! From what I have heard they usually have lineups (especially on the weekend) but I am assuming that because I was there so early, I  didn’t catch any.


We ordered a made-to-order omelette, the jalepeno cheddar waffle and their most famous salted caramel and burnt marshmallows hot chocolate.

I must say, their food was really good quality. In terms of flavor or extraordinary deliciousness, the food was good but not amazing, maybe it was just what we ordered. I think their pancakes might be better.

I would go back again but to be honest its not on the top of my list. I would definitely suggest you go once just to experience the ambiance (and to get some great pictures :P)

Have you been to Cocoa Room? Would you want to go?

With Love,

Kinza G Khan

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