Review: H&M Beauty Line

Recently, I have bought a few items from the H&M beauty line. They started their beauty line about a year ago from what I can remember. The first thing that I really like about it is their packaging. Its sleek, white, gold and black, sturdy and compact. See below my review for the products I have purchased.



I bought this blush on a whim, I tend to go for coral colors and this looked really nice. The shade is Cantaloupe. It does feel a little chalky when swatching but I really like how it goes on. I love the color but you do have to use a heavy hand with it. I’ve used it several times already but because I have to use a heavy hand, it feels like I might just hit pan really soon. They have a ton of shades, if you are in H&M and see it on sale, pick it up. I wouldn’t pay full price for it but I wouldn’t give it up if its on sale either.




We all need a basic black kohl pencil, usually I use it to tightline my lower lash line or to use it as an eyeliner and smudge it out for a quick/easy daytime look. If you are using this as your eyeliner, you cant use it by itself. You have to set it with black eyeshadow, its very creamy and pigmented but it will move around and you might look like a raccoon if you don’t. My oily lids probably have something to do with that as well. I don’t think I would buy this again.



Again, I randomly bought this (there is an H&M right by my work so I’m always there). I thought this was black but its actually black with silver sparkle/glitter. This was a turn off for me but that was my fault for not checking it properly. I still used it and set it with black eyeshadow. I love the tip of this eyeliner, its super thin and pointy and makes winged eyeliner much easier. It didn’t budge throughout the day and its very pigmented as well so you get a nice dark liner. I will buy this again in black.



The wand of this mascara kind of remind of the L’Oreal Telescopic mascara which I really like. This is a good mascara but nothing special. It give me length but I prefer more volume than length. This isn’t something I would buy again.

I also bought a liquid lipstick but for some reason when I opened the box its a different color than what I had picked out. Once I exchange it, I’ll post a picture on instagram 🙂

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan


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