Review: Neutrogena Gel Cleanser

I usually like to keep my skincare routine simple and basic. Prior to this cleanser, I was using Ole Henrikson Aloe Vera Deep Cleanser in Canada. It is for sensitive skin with acne, it also helps to calm down as well as reduce redness. Since moving to Dubai, my skin has been doing well, my acne has decreased (I still get some on and off but its doing much better in comparison). The Ole Henrikson didn’t seem fit for my skin at the moment. I read about this cleanser on instagram, a few people were raving about and I happened to stumble upon it in Carrefour.

This cleanser claims to cleanse deep into pores without over-drying for beautiful radiant skin.

The main criteria for a cleanser for me is, does it do a good job removing makeup. I don’t mind double cleansing as long as its taking a good amount of makeup off in the first go. This does the job very well. It also doesn’t feel like its stripping my face from its natural oils, after using it, it doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight or feeling like I need to make a run for moisturizer.

If you read my Month 2 Glam box post, I received a full size Avene cleanser which I will be using since this one is finished. I will however, probably buy this again in the near future.

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan

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