Thailand – Day 2

Day 2:

We woke up super late ( I think around 1 pm). We decided it would be a beach day. We went straight to lunch since there was no point having breakfast around 1:30 in the afternoon. We got to the beach, Patong beach, picked out a nice spot, got some umbrellas. We sat down for like 10 minutes then went in to the water. The water was pretty dirty and it was really hot. I, for some reason, starting thinking about sharks…

Being in dirty water + thinking about sharks = not the greatest combination

I basically ran out 😀 We ended up spending most of the day at the pools in our resort. No need to worry about sharks, the water was great, there were some areas which were shaded from the scorching sun.

It was a relaxing day so we thought why not check out the infamous Bangla Street. If you know anything about Phuket, you’ll know a thing or two about Bangla Street. Its filled with bars/clubs/ interesting ‘shows’. You walk onto the street and are bombarded with vendors trying to sell drinks or passes to these ‘shows’. At the end of the street, there are a handful of LadyBoys (transvestite) in elaborate costumes, trying to get you to take pictures with them (so they can charge you for it) or to sell ticker for their Cabaret shows.

Bangla Street is something out of this world. Its nothing like I’ve seen before. Anyone can dress as whatever they want or go to any of these interesting shows or just sit at the bars with girls dancing on poles. You can do any of that and not be judged for it. You are there to have fun. I think that’s the best thing about Phuket, you can literally just create a ‘vacation’ identity for yourself. (mind you- I saw families bring their kids to this area and I was not happy about that, TAKE YOUR LITTLE GIRL SOMEWHERE ELSE! she doesn’t need to see this, the street should be rated PG16 or something).

Day 2 was great, we danced all night, saw some interesting things and really enjoyed how crowded and

lively Bangla Street was. Next post will be about my last day in Phuket (it includes Elephants :D)

ps. the pictures are not from Patong beach, they are from Kata Noi, which was a much nicer beach

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan


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