TheBlushWorks Event

I had the opportunity to be invited to The Blush Works success party held in Dubai at the GQ Bar (JW Marriott Marquis). The founder/editor in chief is a really good friend of mine so there was no way I was going to miss supporting her.

Let me begin by explaining what TheBlushWorks is. It is an e-magazine which helps promote entrepreneurs, influencers, bloggers, makeup artists amongst others. When anyone is starting off, it is so difficult to spread awareness of your brand. TheBlushWorks helps make that a tiny bit easier. They also have a great instagram page (ig: theblushworks) where they post about upcoming events, fashion trends and new artists.

At the event I met lovely people and had a great time. There was even a limo ride to finish the night! I wish Naima all the success in the world (and to host more events :P)

Outfit Details:

Dress: instyledress

Skirt: Forever21

Bob Wigs: addcolo

Veil: bestweddingveil

You can find more pictures of the event on TheBlushWorks facebook page.

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Much Love,

Kinza G Khan

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