Trip to Canada

If you follow me on snapchat or instagram, you’d know I was in Canada 2 months ago. I went after almost a year of moving to UAE. I was afraid it would feel different, thankfully it didn’t. I was back in my room that I had spent most of my university life in. It felt like I was back in that time again, studying for exams, stressing about grades. It felt good to be home. Surprisingly, I missed Dubai. I did not think, even for a bit, that I would miss Dubai. I wanted to be back in my own apartment, my own bed. Life is weird sometimes, Toronto is definitely home still, but at the same time, Dubai is becoming home too.

To  ensure we met all the family and family friends, my parents threw us a party for our wedding anniversary. I bought this outfit from Threads and Motifs in Karachi (well, my mom bought it when she was in Karachi earlier this year) . I had this custom made because I wanted a longer top (crop top is a big no no). This outfit also doesn’t come with a dupatta so my mom had that dyed for me, also in Karachi. The quality of the fabric is amazing, the skirt even has pockets! I was very comfortable throughout the night and I cant wait to wear it again. I also loved my long hair, I love wearing these extensions, they are comfortable and most importantly, they look natural. The color match is incredible, unfortunately since then, I have dyed my hair jet black so I cant wear these anymore. I bought them from I don’t have experience with other brand of extension, but I do really like these.

Much Love,

Kinza  G Khan

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