Christmas Backdrops for photographyI had a wonderful time at the Truckers event which was held around Christmas time. They were amazing enough to invite me to one of their regular events. I had a blast this time around as expected. It was more crowded than last time, they had live music, a bunch of people were dancing and just having a good time.

I must talk about food in this post as I tried 3 food trucks, one for appetizer, one as a main and one for dessert.

The most amazing samosas ever! I tried the mushroom truffle samosa and the chicken chipotle. This was the highlight of my night. I love samosas, I mean who doesn’t but these were really good. A must try!


El Cubano: I’m not big on Mexican but this sandwich called ‘Fiesta’ was pretty good. My husband enjoyed it a lot, he likes Mexican so I’m sure if you like Mexican food his word is probably more liable than mine.


I was craving funnel cakes since every summer in Canada I used to go to Wonderland ( its a theme park ). They have the best funnel cakes. My cravings were definitely satisfied, you can pick from a selection of toppings at Cryspes. I opted for the lotus biscuit. The funnel cake was freshly made so it was nice and warm. Definitely a must try as well 🙂

Overall, once again, I had a great time at Truckers. I really hope they host an event in the desert which I missed last time around. If you are in town, do check out truckers, they have these jams in different parts of Dubai. I also heard really good things about the Burj Park one that happened recently.

Best Regards,

Kinza G Khan

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