Wedding Planning Tips

It has been almost 6 months that I have been married. Before I begin to talk about these tips, let me begin by talking a little bit about myself so I can justify my craziness πŸ˜€

I love organizing/planning things, I eventually want to move into event planning/management field because that’s really where my expertise are. I literally get excited to clean my closet ( which I do once a month – by clean I mean reorganize EVERYTHING – throw everything out and start from scratch). When it came to my wedding, I started planning about 1.5 – 2 years in advance. Most of my time was spent researching. I had a few excel sheets and word documents, some for myself, some with my family and maid of honor. We also hadΒ bi weekly meetings about 6-8 months before the wedding and then weekly meetings 3-4 months prior.Β My calendar had ALL the dates so I can view everything allΒ at once. This calendar was also distributed amongst my family and maid of honor.Β Your wedding will most probably be the biggest (read: most important) project of your life.


Tip #1 RESEARCH. Researching what you want to wear, the theme of your events, the look/feel of your events is all very important. Being a Canadian/Pakistani, I had numerous events that I had to plan for. The main events being the Mehndi/Henna night, the Baraat/Wedding and the Valima/Reception. Other than those we had a lot of parties at home for dances and songs and just to spend time with close people. All in all, a ton of events that required planning and researching.Β I had a word file to organize all my ideas and also to make sure they don’t clash with each other. I used Google drive so I was able to access it on the go, at work or at home. I used Pinterest and Instagram as my source of inspiration. I contacted a ton ofΒ different vendors to get quotations to understand the market before making my decision. Don’t be afraid to reach out that photographer or venue that looks out of your budget, chances are, they might not be or they might be willing to talk to you to come up with a customized package.


Tip #2 PLAN, PLAN, PLAN. After researching, you need to start booking people and venues and things. Get to it. Make sure its well in advance so you get the exact dates as you want. There is little room for changes at this point but if you are booking things well in advance, it shouldn’t be a problem at all. If it is, you already researched, you should have your plan b and your plan c. Plan for even the smallest things like what you need to take with you to the salon. What you need the night of – makeup remover, lots of conditioner to get all that hairspray out etc. This planning will benefit you later on.


Tip # 3 DONT STRESS. You have done everything you can to plan your events and to ensure they go exactly the way you want. Now, you need to take a back seat and let things flow. This is the most important advice, as clichΓ© as it sounds, I can give. The day of,Β  I did not care about what time the decorators went to the hall, about the frames for my pictures on the entrance orΒ  . I did not care about any of the details, AT ALL. I got up, went to the salon and enjoyed my day. That is what a bride needs to do, as much as you want to sit on stage and yell at your brother to make sure this/that is okay, DONT. Your planning time is over and its time you sit back and relax. This is the moment you have been planning for and now is the time to take it all in and cherish this moment. If you can, take a small breather with your husband away from everyone, just for a few minutes ( only 5-10 mins is good enough). My husband and I did that and it was an incredible feeling.

All I can say is, your wedding will be amazing. Whether you stress or not, so how about you don’t stress πŸ™‚ Look at the bigger picture, don’t get bogged down in small details and learn to accept that there might be MINOR glitches, and that’s okay because that’s life.

Much Love,

Kinza G Khan

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