Will it ever feel like home? 

Moving to a new country is not as easy as extensive research made it seem. Noone can prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster you put yourself on. I like to think I’m an emotionally strong person. I had a breaking point the week we arrived. Yes, i know you must be thinking that statement just contradicted what i said.

From missing my baby cousin one day to loving the Dubai heat the next. Its insane to think I could’ve researched and prepared myself for this. For whatever reason Dubai feels temporary, its just the vibe I get. Its hard to find people who have lived here forever or are planning to live here forever. I guess thats just how the Dubai culture is, but will it become home for me?

For now, I’m relaxing by the pool while the chicken marinates in the hotel apartment. Taking it one meal at a time and hoping that moving into my new place will make Dubai feel a little more homey.

Ps. A lot of people are at the pool so I wasnt able to take a proper picture


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